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Facts You Must Be Aware About Residential Door Locks thing that most homeowner should take special attention to is that of their door locks. However, because it is one that is very mundane, it is also the piece that is all too often taken for granted. Just remember the fact that whenever your door locks break, then it can shut you out of your house, or that it can render you to be unsecured. Thus, it is really advisable that you are going to resolve all the issues that you have with your locks.

One way to upgrade and maintain your lock is to always call a locksmith, so that you will be helped in every step of the way. The locksmith is the best professional that can assist you thoroughly in all matters that are involving your locks. You need to let them assess whatever security loopholes that they are going to see in your property.

Everything That You Want To Know About Residential Door Locks

A door lock is a very important piece of equipment, but it usually goes unrecognized. However, when it breaks, you can find yourself shut out of your house, or perhaps leave your home unsecured. In order to resolve this problem, you should be able to identify precisely what is wrong with the door lock.

Upgrading or replacing your door lock is not a simple issue of just buying a new lock and installing it. Purchasing the first lock you see is not the best alternative when you are aiming to improve the security of your residence. It is essential to figure out the lock that is suitable for your home, and this implies being able to identify the best quality products in the market. Choosing the right door lock will necessitate some research and this is exactly where the services of a locksmith comes into play. Check this link to get a holistic overview about door locks.

On the other hand, it would be necessary that you are going to discuss with your locksmith about what could be the latest security measure that you can install in your home so that you can get the benefit from such innovations. There are so many new security measures that you can get to avail of, and that you need to be aware about what it is that is truly fitting for you. One thing that you need is that of an alarm lock, so that you get an augmented security level.

5 Unknown Features Of Alarm Lock

Here at The Flying Locksmiths, we are big fans of Alarm Lock Card Access Systems. They are a great, stand alone, solution to anyone looking to upgrade to a card access system for their office space or facility. Instead of handing out keys and rekeying locks, end users can hand our ID badges or pin codes. You can monitor all kinds of elements within the system and they are even wireless now, making programming extremely easy!

But there are some smaller, almost hidden features, that you might not know about. These features can help you make the most of your existing system.

  1. Toggle Codes and Cards. A toggle code is a specific code that will let the user leave the lock in an open or closed state. This means, you can have a special card, pin or user, that has the option to leave the door open for any length of time. Meaning that if you are moving boxes or products into a space for an extended period of time, you would not have to keep entering a code to obtain entry.  Also, you would have the option to lock the door earlier, if needed. With the Holidays approaching, you may have a day that your office closes earlier than normal. If the alarm lock is programmed to lock at 5:00PM, you could use your toggle card or code to lock it up earlier.
  2. Pins AND Cards.Typically, a user for an alarm lock system uses either a prox card or a pin code, but did you know that you can require a user to have both? If you have a room in your facility that requires additional security, you can specify that the specific door requires BOTH a pin and prox card for entry. This ensures that a stolen card or pin code can not be used, without verification from the other credential.
  3. You can UPGRADE to Wireless. The Alarm Lock Networx is somewhat new, so a lot of users may have purchased the system before the wireless option was
    available. That, however, does not mean that you can not upgrade to a wireless system. The new wireless units will co-exist with existing units that are not wireless, so they can all be managed on the same database. Even better, you can purchase a package, that will upgrade your existing locks to wireless units! To get more information on alarm locks, please check this site:

All of these things are needed so that you can get to familiarize about the security options that are available for you. You need to really find the one that will best suit your needs so that you can reap the most advantages from its use. There are a lot of options that you can look into, and that the guidance of a locksmith is what you truly need to have.

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