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Smartphones and Home Security Systems

In the past, only a few homeowners can afford to have home security systems. However, as time has gone by when cases of theft and burglars have increased, more people have come to realize that such systems are important.


If you have one installed, do make sure that you keep up with what’s new. Just like any other devices out there, your security systems can also be out-dated. But how should you know if your got an out-dated one or not?

Not Sure if You Have an Outdated Alarm System? Here Are 4 Signs to Look out for

So how do you tell if you’ve got an obsolete security system? Here are four signs you should not ignore:

  1. Outdated Alarm Systems That Use Land Lines and Hard Wired Sensors

Security systems use a communication method to reach out to the owner. Old ones use land lines. While the only communication method back in the days, they have been replaced now.

So it is important to fit your home with newer alarm systems. They are way harder to disable. That will prevent burglars from going inside your home without any fear of getting caught…

  1. Low-Resolution Cameras

Did you ever try to see if you can recognise someone using your security cameras? If it’s an outdated alarm system, chances are you will not be able to do it.

That happens because old CCTV systems function at low resolutions.

Modern options, on the other hand, are more performant. Moreover, modern cameras have a dedicated night mode function. That enables you to see details even in the dark…

  1. Outdated Software and Hardware

Technology evolves so fast that what was next-generation five years ago, is nowadays obsolete. That is relevant when talking about locks and alarms.

An outdated alarm system doesn’t allow you to control it remotely. It does not have access or sensors for the locks. That makes it extremely vulnerable, as mentioned before…

  1. You Can Only Access It from Home

In 2016, we’re using our smartphones for more complex tasks than we could’ve imagined years ago. Home security is one of those tasks as well. But if you can’t do that, it means you have an outdated alarm system.

All the security systems described so far can communicate with each other. The sensors can tell the security cameras to snap a picture of what/who triggered them. The smart alarm system will notify you. And you can check your home even while on holidays…

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If your security system is up-to-date, then you don’t have to worry much about getting a new one. Most of the up-to-date systems can even get linked with your mobile phones. Your iPhone 7 could be a good example. The gadget is going to be very useful if you got problems with unlocking your house.

5 Ways iPhone 7 Can Unlock Your House

Besides the major improvements such as a new long-life battery, stereo speakers, sharper screen and being water resistant, we would like to tell you 5 ways iPhone 7 can unlock your home and can come in handy at a time of need.

  1. Ask Siri Help Unlocking Your House Or Find A Locksmith

You can start with a quick question for Siri such as: “Hey Siri, how do I unlock a doorknob” Siri would quickly search the web for you and display the most popular results.

If you are unable to follow the instructions because you don’t have the proper tools, instead of just waiting for a miracle, just ask Siri for contact information of the nearest locksmith available.

  1. Search Google For A Nearby Locksmith

iPhone 7 has its great Safari browser which makes it easy to search for the nearest professional locksmith on Google or any other search engine you may use. Write the name Locksmith followed by the city and state where you are located (e.g locksmith baltimore md) and see how many local locksmith are available to help you out.

Search engines display results better than phone book directories, with top service locksmith companies, and with your iPhone 7 mobile browser you can look out for reviews, coupons and promotions.

  1. Unlock Smart Locks Using Your iPhone

It doesn’t get any better when you have your iPhone 7 connected to your smart lock. Now a days some residential locks allow smartphone control and in case you lost or forgot your keys you have nothing to worry about because you probably carry your phone with you at all times just like the rest of us…

  1. How to find a locksmith with iPhone Apple Maps

If you search for the term locksmith in the maps app it will show you pin points location of local locksmith around you, you probably need a locksmith to come to you and this way you can find the nearest one in your area. Another great feature about the apple maps app is that Yelp is linked directly in it and you can see star rating and real reviews by real costumers.

  1. How to pick a lock using YouTube

If you want to save time and money, we recommend you try to unlock your house yourself.

YouTube can be very helpful when it comes to any DIY situation, including house lockouts and car lockouts.

You can easily find many videos that will teach you how to unlock a door knob using a credit card or how to pick a lock using a hair pin. After understanding how to do it yourself, now is the time to get to work and apply what you have learned…

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Home security goes along with Technology. If you have installed your security system around 5 years ago, it’s time that you check if your system is out-dated or not. If it is, then it’s about time that you do an update or have a new one installed. The more you desire security for your home, the more will you have to keep up with Technology. Costly as it may sound, but there’s nothing too costly if we are talking about family safety.

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